Let my soul smile through my heart today

Do you know who you are? Not your name, not your age. Not the color of your eyes. The question is simple. Are you in touch with your heart? Do you ever close your eyes in silence and just listen to your heart? Do you ever wake up and keep your brain shut for few more minutes and ask your heart if it’s well rested? Have you ever met your heart?

I just met mine, after ignoring it since ages. I knew it was there. I knew it was so helpful to keep me alive. I knew it never failed to beat. It was loyal, just like my brain. But I always chose my brain over the heart. I thought my heart would make me weak. And I always believed that my mind had all the strength. But brace yourselves now, I found out really late that my mind was only playing games with me. The mind had an imagination of a very strong woman. My mind wanted me to be an over independent lady. And I agreed with it. It felt so good to be a bird in the world of trees. It felt just amazing.

But one day, when I was reading an article, I saw a suggestion about giving your heart a chance. One day I put all my fears and worries aside and tried to go with the flow instead. I found myself at a totally different place as a totally different person. There were things in my life that I wouldn’t even get them close to me. But I let all the feelings in. Those feelings had an amazing smell. Then I realized. Life had a smell, life had an appearance. Life was something else than what I was experiencing and fooling myself with the hallucination that I was alive. No, I wasn’t alive. You only exist if you choose your mind over your heart. And vice versa. You cannot survive putting one in front of the other. That was the day I grew up. But that was the same day I got my little child back in my heart.

It is not easy to make definite changes in your life. It takes a lot. That’s where you need your mind to be strong because it requires you to make decisions time and again. But you cannot decide if you don’t feel. Do not miss the point here. Feel the life. Turn to your heart and ask the question; “How can I make you feel better today?” Let your mind and heart ally. Let them work in harmony. I know it’s not easy. I know it might be painful sometimes. But it will let you get what you want from life.

I used to love LEAVING places. But when I introduced my heart to the rest of me, I recently realized that I love to stay as well. I just realized that it wasn’t for the feeling of leaving places but for not having found the right place to stay. Then I saw them two, my brain and heart, smiling at me very proud.

They promised me that they will take me to the place where I want to stay forever and be with me forever and more. And I promised them, “I’ll bring you to the place where you can find your mate and we’ll be living the fairy tale”.

It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye. Antoine de Saint-Exupery


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