Shining like a STAR!

Since I joined Emirates, I only had one mission to complete and it was just to make someone’s day on every single flight I operate. I am finishing 2 years with Emirates this month and I never gave up on my mission not even a moment!

When I was younger, my dad used to tell me only one thing about life. He asked me to do whatever I want with my life, he would always support me but only if I put my best on it! He was seeing us -me and my sister- as pieces of gold and one day if we would find ourselves in a dirty swamp, he asked us to remember that a piece of gold is still a piece of gold no matter where it is placed. Since then, his thoughts became my life-motto!

I started from the bottom. I couldn’t speak any other language than Turkish. I didn’t know almost anything about other cultures, when I was 16. Then I got an opportunity to go abroad; To Paraguay! When I accepted the challenge I was not aware that my whole life was about to change, completely. I learned that there is much more than Turkish culture in the world and each single one of them was as amazing as the other. I learned that there was no BETTER or WORSE, there was just DIFFERENT. I learned that diversity is blessing. And I became aware of the power sleeping inside me, waiting to be out till that date.

Today I’m a girl, working for the World’s Best Airline (Skytrax , TripAdvisor) , speaking 4 different languages, achieving all the goals that she set for herself! I am that girl I was dreaming 10 years ago! I achieved and I am living the life I designed for myself few years ago knowing what exactly I wanted. Today I am standing here, so proud of myself.

Yet I have much more to achieve, I want to share another great success for me that I have been nominated as the Star of the Month for my Pioneering approach. This might be something small for what I am planning to achieve for the next couple of years, yet it is still a huge achievement on my way to the top!

It’s not easy. I did spend sleepless nights. Sometimes it was so hard to fight my tears. I had to give up on so many family times. My heart was falling apart when they sent me a picture and I wasn’t there with them. I had times while I was crying deep inside but I had a huge smile on my face. Nothing stopped me. When you simply LOVE the job you do, you become willing to sacrifice. And even though sometimes it becomes SO hard, you just remind yourself that “great progress requires great sacrifice”!

Hence, my work is far from over. I will roll up my sleeves and continue this journey with more dedication than ever. With the job I am doing, I am aware that I can’t make huge differences in people’s life like our honored doctors or scientists. But it has never been my intention to become one, anyway. Instead, I was more interested to change people’s emotions or experiences in daily life. Now, I’m touching people’s heart, more importantly, to the hearts from all over the world, in a place where we don’t have any borders, in the beautiful, friendly skies.

I simply love this job, I simply love my company and the life my company offers me.

I love the life I’m living and I can’t express how grateful I am.

I would like to add that I find my award more valuable that it came in the year when the company made it to the TOP in the world! I find it no surprise as me and my colleagues do our best to make our customers feel like home when they are on board, instead of giving them the feeling of acting in the movie : Fight Club!

I love you EMIRATES! Thank you for this award! Thank you for knowing how to appreciate your employees and for making us feel home while away from home!

Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome.

Arthur Ashe


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