Today I choose to be…

Life is full of choices. We can choose to be negative, positive, happy, well rested, exhausted… We can choose to be anything. Some choices take longer time, some of them shorter.. But in the end, we live the life we choose.

Many people believe in destiny. They think we all come here with a written story and we can’t change our luck. Today, I want to explain you that yes, we can change the future and I will also give some tips on how we can achieve this.

We start the life from a place where we are not even aware of our own names, age, the colour of our own eyes. Then as the years passing by, we LEARN how to spell our names. We learn the colours. We learn what “age” means and every year we welcome a new one. Most importantly, we choose to grow up. We choose to agree on our eye colour. We choose to be better or worse than yesterday.

While time passes, we make more and deeper choices like whom to be friends with, emotional strength of ours or even the level of our intelligence. Yes, this is true. Whatever happens in our life, whatever title they call us, it all depends on us.

But why are we not happy with who we are today then, if it’s all our choices and if it’s all depending on us? The answer is so easy. Because we don’t know this fact. We are not aware of our own power. We are not aware of the fact that if we want, we can change our whole life within an eye blink. You can change only the way you think about the things and the very next morning you wake up as a new person. It’s actually as easy as that. But we, as humanbeings, we make it so complicated and hard to live and maintain a happy life style. Now only imagine… If tonight, you make a deal with yourself that tomorrow, no matter what your heart tells you, when you wake up you are gonna get up from the bed, open the window and just smile at what you see, what do you think would happen after that? How would you feel after that fresh breeze touching your cheeks? How would you feel if your neighbour smiles back at you? Now I can see that you are only thinking about the day ahead. And I’m going to suggest you to “forget” about the day ahead. Focus on your morning coffee and the fresh smell of it. Focus on the happy and thankful feeling that you wake up as a healthy person after one more beautiful sunrise. Take only one step at a time. Don’t ruin your morning because you have an important meeting in the evening. If you are not ready for it, take the responsibility and accept the fact that it was your choice not to prepare yourself for it properly. So if you choose to avoid your responsibilities, don’t blame the life by not being fair to you.

Life is fair. Karma is there.

I know that some days are harder than others. Sometimes things happen out of our control and make us disappointed, upset. But if you choose to take those things as an opportunity and learn from them, life will pay you back, trust me.

Personally, I sometimes don’t have enough motivation and energy to go on some flights. But I know, I just can’t avoid it because it’s my responsibility to check in for my duty right on time and be there for my colleagues and our customers. So instead of avoiding my responsibilities, I choose to avoid that bitter feeling and find some motivation for myself. Let it be either my days off ahead or a nice colleague I’ve flown with before, I make my own day. I remind myself that it was my choice to do this job, to join this company. I remind myself how happy I was when I got my approval for the job. I choose to see all benefits I get from this job instead of tough departure time. And as soon as I put on my uniform, my mood gets back to normal. So far, every single time I followed this rule, I managed to go on the briefing room with a huge smile on my face.

Whatever you give away, you take it back.

Today, choose to be an overall happy person. Today choose to be positive. Choose to love, choose to live!

Excellence is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, and intelligent execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives – choice, not chance, determines your destiny.
Be safe and happy everyone! 💕


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