Did we all say “Hello 2017”?

Did we all say “Hello 2017”? Some of us said right on the spot, some could only say the next morning because they were sleeping when we were all counting down. Some said in 37000 ft, some said only sea level right next to its beauty. Some said with a glass of champagne, some said with a huge cup of tea being sick at home. Some said it watching the nice fireworks show, some said watching a cool TV show. But Why? Why everyone could not celebrate it the same way?

It is because we are all different. We come from different backgrounds. We live different lives, we have different jobs. Think about all the people in the world. We couldn’t even count down all together at the same time. There was a huge time difference. We had to wait a full day of 24 hours for all the world to be in 2017. Then why we always try to compare ourselves with the others around? Why is it so hard to see that everyone is different?

It is important to understand that we can’t be always lucky, we will have some good and hard times in this life. Sometimes, when the world goes crazy, hard times are there for most of us, YET, it’s not for everyone. We still see happy people around and wonder how in the world they can still be happy. Here comes a tip; you can LEARN how to be happy. It is not a lesson they teach you in the school books but you can always try other ones. (Books are happines by their own anyways)

I can’t say that I learned how to be happy all the time but I can proudly say that I study happiness! Collected some tips from all the books I’ve read so far and I practice them on my daily life so I don’t put myself down when unexpected things happen. Because life is so short for a sad face!

Here I share some of my tips for you, let’s start to be HAPPY, NOW! Give yourself a big smile before you take a deep breath and read the followings. 🙂 Ready?

  • Never compare yourself with anyone. Don’t look at your best friend’s life. Don’t look at Angelina Jolie’s life. You may see the best part of it but you can never deeply know what they are going through. Plus, right at the same moment, people you think have an amazing life, may be looking at your life thinking how an amazing one you have!


  • There is right time for everyone. You may have applied at the same job with someone else. And they may get the job before. This doesn’t necessarily mean you did something wrong. This means you need some more time. This means you are not ready for it yet. This can mean that you need to find other “weapons” for you to be able to fight in this world if you know what I mean. That can be another language, programming. This can mean more books, more cups of tea to go! If it’s not your time yet, take a breath and look into your life what else you can put there to shine even more! Because look at you, you are already shining! 🙂


  • Things happen.. We can’t control what is happening. We have to learn how to deal with things out of our control and find out what to learn from them. There is death in this world. What else can be more serious than it? As long as you are alive, you can find a solution for everything.You can conquer ANYTHING as long as you want to do so.


  • Know where you are going. Set yourself a direction. Don’t follow others because it is not your way. Everyone in this world have their own way and you may draw one yourself. Don’t let the wind take you somewhere as long as you want to go somewhere spesific. But I know sometimes you just want to let it flow. And when it’s one of these times, let yourself fly away with the wind. Learn to follow your heart, not others’. It’s gonna show you the best way out of dark moments.


  • Turn crisis into opportunity. It’s a cliche but it’s so true. Crisis happen, you can’t control. It may be deeply emotional or economic, doesn’t matter. You can always find a way to turn it into opportunity. I’m not gonna tell you here what to do in which case because not the same things work for everyone in the same way. But you know what I mean and I’m sure you already have some ideas what to do with your life now.


  • For those of you who was planning to join Emirates and then saw that EK stopped hiring, do NOT be sad and sit home, cry to your luck. NO! If you can go out, go now! Put on your shoes and run for a while. Because when you come to Dubai it’s gonna be hard to do it with this how weather 🙂 If it’s cold out there, make yourself a huge cup of coffee and get a book. Enjoy! It’s gonna be hard to make time for it when you start to fly. I’m not gonna count all the examples. But yes, make time and space for yourself. Get yourself ready, more than ever! When they start to hire again, you will be the one! Believe yourself. Don’t blame anyone. This is business. They did not stop hiring because they hate you. If they don’t need people, they don’t need people. We have to think about how to make the world a better place again so people are not afraid to travel. It starts with us.

When will be the world a better place? When we read more books, when we learn how to appreciate the diversity, when we learn to be happy with our neighbours’ success, when we learn to share! 🙂 And when we learn how to be HAPPY no matter what 🙂


One thought on “Did we all say “Hello 2017”?

  1. Hi! I just wanna say thank you for the very kind word. Thank you for your time to share your kindness to me. You make me feel exciting again. I just read every single post that you wrote. Hope we can flying together! I’m still preparing and upgrading my self. Have a safe flight xo

    Best Regards,


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