How “Galley Gossips” destroy your motivation

Summer is leaving Dubai, finally. And I now I can manage to see the positive side again. But after all I’ve said in my previous post, I realized that summer was not the only reason that I was going down.

Now, I’m gonna talk you about “Galley Gossips”. These gossips are killers. In the beginning, I was working a lot more as I was usually one of the most juniors. And in this job, as juniors, you usually work more than others. It’s kinda the nature of the job. Because you are more excited. You want to try everything. You want to go and take all the call bells. You want to check the toilets, or whatever is supposed to be done, you just want to do it by yourself. So I was in the cabin all the time and really I didn’t have time to sit in the galley to gossip.

Now I’m usually flying as one of the most senior economy class crew. That brings more and less responsibility. Duties are different, I can make another post about positions and duties later on. But now I have more time to relax in the galley. Because now when the supervisor asks who want to do the camera, I have at least 3 more crew who raise hands apart from me. So it gives me more free time. But is this a good thing? In the beginning I thought it was really good to be a senior. But the last two weeks I just realized what was wrong with me.

Gossips! People do that. People love to talk about the things they don’t even have knowledge about. Since I joined the company, I’ve heard millions of different opinions about what was gonna happen next in the company. Saying that, I’m not complaining about colleagues or anything. They are just following the tradition of “galley gossips”. And people are not really being effected of those “fake bad news.” But, I DO. This is my problem. It gives me hard time when I think I’m giving all these efforts for nothing because they will never take them into consideration. Luckily, I saw that this company is paying extreme attention for even your smallest effort. Even though sometimes it kinda feels back to school days, it’s still good to know that someone is watching you. (Of course if you are not even doing what you are supposed to do, you will always find it unfair.)

So what are these galley gossips? Usually people love to be pessimist and make other people feel the same way. I’m gonna share some of the gossips that I’ve heard since my joining date and I’m gonna tell you how many of them became real.

  • Emirates is going to stop recruitment soon.
  • Emirates is going to decrease basic salary.
  • If you report fatigue, the following month they will give you the same flight at least twice.
  • If you call sick outstation you will get a warning.
  • Soon, they are going to give the minimum days off per month. You will only have 7 days off rostered.

And soo many more. How many of them became real, you wonder. And I’m telling you; NONE. Plus there are things that people complain without having any knowledge about other jobs or even the same job but different companies. Soon I’ll make a video comparing my previous airline with Emirates. So you can understand a bit more why I’m so thankful.

I’ve seen people complaining about 2 turnarounds in a row. I used to do 20 turnarounds in a row with my previous company. Without any layovers for a month. I’ve seen people complaining about Doha flights that they are short and it doesn’t make sense to get ready for these flights as getting ready takes longer than the flight itself. But dear, what do you suggest to the company to do? Cancel all the short flights they have because you don’t like doing them? Why don’t you just realize that this is a JOB in the end. And Emirates is not here to make you travel the world without expecting anything in return. I’ve seen people complaining that they don’t get all the flights they bid for. I’ve seen people complaining that swap rules are so stupid that they couldn’t swap their duty with a day off. Did you know that most of the airlines in the world they don’t even have bidding & swap system.

I understand everything at some point, because sometimes even I get upset because I cannot swap my flight. But then I remember the times that I managed to swap and had 5 days off for new year so I could spend it with my flovely family. And many more. Why to see the negatives only when we have so many positive!

I admit that even I fall for these negative opinions sometimes. But don’t let them put you down. If you are having a really busy flight, think about this; It’s gonna be over soon and you are gonna get to enjoy your lovely days off. And please please, if you are already on the negative side that day, keep it for yourself. Don’t ruin the others attitude.

I’ve had a flight with a girl, where she was complaining about every single step of the job. And she was fighting even with her own shoes because they were getting dirty so fast.

Your attitude makes your day, makes your flight.

I love this job. I’m grateful for this job! I love the place I live. I love the benefits I have. I love it when I get to travel on my days off. I love that I can travel to my favourite places when I have leave. I love that I’m off the half of almost every single month.

Love what you have. And always remember where you came from! That’s the key point. If you just delete your memory to forget where you came from, one day if you’ll have to go back, you will be lost in your own past. So don’t 🙂

Love whatever you do. And if you can’t feel the love and passion anymore for the life you live, change it! Change your way. Simple! Don’t keep waking up to the same struggle every single morning. Because this will give you no other chance than to complain!

“I am not sure exactly what heaven will be like, but I know that when we die and it comes time for God to judge us, he will not ask, ‘How many good things have you done in your life?’ rather he will ask, ‘How much love did you put into what you did?”
Mother Teresa

Have a lovely weekend, folks! ❤


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