Times that the job becomes a lifestyle

Summer and Ramadan is coming to Dubai. I personally love Ramadan. This is the time of the year which is observed by Muslims worldwide as a month of fasting to commemorate the first revelation of the Quran to Muhammad according to Islamic belief. (Wiki) I love it because the life is different during Ramadan. It’s a different spirit. As you cannot eat during the day, usually most of the shops and restaurants are closed in Dubai. But it’s not as bad as most of the people think. First of all, it’s so hot anyway and you usually dont go out with that heat. So it’s better for me to be able to find all the shops open till 2-3 am in the morning. The weather is more appropriate to do all these stuff during night. So, fair enough! And you have Ramadan Night Markets around Dubai which is quite good because there you can smell the culture!

So as you see, I am excited for the month coming 🙂 Plus I am on reserve month which means you don’t have any roster. You just follow the instructions everyday to find out what you’ll be doing tomorrow. So my lifestyle kinda changed. I usually love to plan everything and put my life on a calendar. But this month, it doesn’t work this way. So I had to adapt myself to this new challenge and as you all know I love challenges.


What’s new so far?

I have quite a lot to tell you as I haven’t been writing for a while again. Let’s start with the news.


  • In April,23rd, I was on board coming from Singapore to Dubai. And I was operating as business class crew because during the trip one of our GR1’s (which means business class crew) had a family emergency and he left us to go back home. So they asked if anyone was willing to operate in business and I was the one. It was a great challenge and an experience! Plus that day was National Sovereignty and Children’s Day in Turkey. The day before the flight I was feeling quite homesick and I really wanted to be home for that great day to share the joy with all the kids around. Then I thought, why I don’t share it with the kids on board tomorrow? Yes, I prepared myself the day before. I got some little toys and plane shaped chocolates for the kids. And during the flight, after the meal service, I went around all economy class and talked to the parents. Explained them the meaning of the day and asked if the kids would like to join us to play some games in the aft galley. Even parents seemed so excited for this and we all met in the galley. I asked them where our flags were from and they knew all of the countries! Isn’t it amazing? I’m so proud with the new generation. In the end we gave them photos as a memory of the day and I want to believe that they all had fun. IMG_20160502_190413.jpg


  • Reserve month is becoming my best month so far. Last month I got the US Visa. And I have to say it completely changed the way I was getting rostered. Since I am on reserve month, I don’t know my schedule for the month. But it has been 15 days now and I got 2 flights only. But in the end they make 64 flying hours. Which is pretty good for 2 flights. It’s because both of them were ULR(Ultra Long Range). First I got Dallas. This was my first time in US. And I literally lost myself while shopping there. I cannot wait for the next US destination. Most of the people say US flights are hard. But for me, there is nothing hard. For me everything has different cost in this world. If you want something nice, you have to pay for what it takes. And believe me or not, they say it’s hard because it’s just long. Other than that, we are all here to work. Not to look for empty flights and then have amazing flights for few months then being sent home because the company has no more profit? Does that sound better? Of course not. So we are blessed with full flights and joy of a good crew. Some moments can be harder than others. When it comes to that moment, just think about the better ones that the company has given to you already. And the best ones which are yet to come 🙂 So yeah. That’s how I thought during the flight and when I came home I enjoyed all the goodies I got from US ❤ The second flight, was a TRUE BLESSING! I got BUENOS AIRES-RIO de JANEIRO! Which is my favourite destination and I  have actually been there last month for vacation with my bestie. It was awesome to be back. I love South America and this flight is just an amazing one to have. I was bidding for this flight since I came here and after a year I finally got it from reserve. How amazing!! I still cannot believe. Here are some photos from my very first reserve month! Enjoy 🙂
  • Last but not least, during this trip, the sector from Buenos Aires to Rio had another surprise for me. There was a customer on board which brought us some candies. He came to galley with a friend and we were having chat! After a while he told me that I looked like someone he knows. He told me story of the girl. That she was writing a blog and he was really enjoying reading it. She was Turkish as well. Then I asked him to show me the name. And yeah, that name was tugceuslu. I was like “Yeah, that’s me!” He was so surprised, so were I. It was just amazing moment, amazing coincidence. We took pictures together and after the flight he sent me an e-mail stating that this was the biggest coincidence in his life. For me too. He knew my youtube channel, my videos, all my entries and everything. It was just amazing moment to get recognized. Thank you for all the love ❤


So that’s it from me for today guys. I promised you million times to make another video and now have tons of questions to answer via youtube. I will do that. Just I am trying to organize my new home so you don’t see all the mess around. Lol. You know it’s always hard to move and it takes time.

I cannot thank you enough. Just for being there, reading the stuff I write. And knowing that you guys enjoy it, just makes my day. Take care former, current and future colleagues! Love you all. With all my heart!

Infuse your life with action. Don’t wait for it to happen. Make it happen. Make your own future. Make your own hope. Make your own love. And whatever your beliefs, honor your creator, not by passively waiting for grace to come down from upon high, but by doing what you can to make grace happen… yourself, right now, right down here on Earth.

Bradley Whitford




4 thoughts on “Times that the job becomes a lifestyle

  1. As always, I enjoyed reading your new post. Will you believe me if I tell you I was actually wondering how your relationship (with a husband back home) was going? And then came this post, and your husband is in Dubai with you. Lol. I can feel the passion and commitment you put into this job, and this is just great. Be proud of you, Tugce.
    Big hug from Italy.


    • Ciao Alessia! Oh yes, in the beginning it was a bit painful but as I said everything has its cost 🙂 Now it feels like a real home. I mean a “real” and permanent one. Other than that, friends keep making another family here:) thanks for your comment and another bigger hug from Dubai.


  2. Hi there!
    I came here through your recent post in the cabincrew.com forums. I’ve only read this one blog entry but I have to tell you, you sound like such a positive person. I’ll be reading through your whole blog! I’ve been trying to get the job as cabin crew for a while now and blogs like yours help me keep on pushing for my goal. Thank you!


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