Inaugural Flight to Istanbul

I’m back, finally! In Dubai, the life is so busy. It’s not about work but whenever you are free, there are just lots of things to do. Lots of friends to see and if you are a cabin crew lots of places to visit. So days off are going like this. I had no time to log in and let you guys know what’s going on in my life.

My life in Emirates is getting better each single day. I work so hard but the hard work pays off. I’m not used to it. I’ve never been recognized or appreciated before in such a short time. Recently I have got a lot of compliment letters from my customers and seniors on board. But the best thing was; I have got nominated for an inaugural flight! Those flights are the new destinations’ first flights. It’s like an opening ceremony and it’s sooooooooo fun!

So it all started with an e-mail which made me really happy!

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After this e-mail I was waiting for my roster to see if I was still on the flight and yes, when I got my roster I saw this beautiful airport code there! Then I started to get organized for this flight. I tried to get mentally prepared because I knew that it was going to be different than other flights.

Before the flight we got many e-mails from many different departments to get us ready for this great event. I was so excited, I can’t describe it. Then when it was the day, I got ready for the day with a great breakfast and did not forget to take a selfie 🙂


I have got some small presents for my crew just to help them to remember this great flight for a long time seeing my little tiny magnet which there is a photo of Istanbul on it on their fridge 🙂 When I arrived in the briefing room, there were two managers and our seniors waiting for us. They were all so nice and friendly as usual. Everyone was so positive, so happy. This was a different atmosphere. I can’t really state what was that different but there was something special that day. The managers have brought something really special for us. It was one of the best gifts ever 🙂


After all, we were ready in our “small” Airbus 330-200 waiting for our customers. Oh and before going to the aircraft, there were some media staff taking the pictures of the crew for the day but it wasn’t a big thing.

It was the time. Time to welcome the first customers ever on this new route. Do you know what was that special for me? Apart from that it was a new destination for Emirates, it was my hometown! I was representing Emirates wearing my own flag going to my hometown. It was such an honour!

We had lots of managers on board as well going there and coming back with us. It was such a nice flight full of nice people around. When we landed in Istanbul we had a beautiful water canon salute. (Don’t forget to check it out :)) This is something special for inaugural flights. It feels awesome 🙂

Then the ground staff and the Sabiha Gökçen airport team brought us flowers and a huge cake. There was another photo session there. It was such a nice atmosphere, such a great event. Every single moment I felt really proud and blessed. I can’t describe it with words, it’s really hard. It’s a feeling that gives you goosebumps. Here there are some photos of that amazing day…



When it was all over, we just came back here and shared this cake with everyone in the headquarters. As you can see from our faces, even it was a night flight and a long day, we were still full of enthusiasm.

It was one of the best experiences ever in my life. And today, that’s actually how I remembered that I really need to post about this, when I came back from my flight in the morning I got an e-mail saying that I have a letter in my mail-box. So I went there to check what was it. That’s what I found there.



So tell me now, how do people expect me to understand them when they are complaining about Emirates? As I always say, it’s all about you guys. You make this experience. You can make it the best or the worst. It’s all up to you. If you are already here, or somewhere out there trying to decide, I never listen to those people who complain all the time. I suggest you to do the same and check all the positive examples around. Hard work pays off in this company.

And of course, some of you guys are with me since the beginning of my journey.So you know what is the key to success. Your key is positivity. Stay positive, keep smiling!

Love, X.


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