New flat and Seychelles with my lovely Poli

Hey guys! Do you remember my first post here? I was talking about a girl whom I met in my open day. Poli? Okay, this month, this lovely company surprised me with a layover that I wanted most plus they put one amazing surprise in the crew list as well, Polina! So what I could ask for more?

Everyday I am asking this question to myself. What you can ask for more? I mean, really.Nothing. Of course there are always “better” days than today, better things than we have today but why to search for better ones instead of being happy with all the good things we are given? I am always the one who is running for the “better” opportunities but this doesnt mean that I’m not satisfied with what I have. I feel totally blessed. I feel totally happy. This experience, shows you millions different types of people. Every person is a single word that you need to discover. Here, whenever I do this, I end up appreciating being myself. I see many people don’t even know how to appreciate neither to be happy of course.

Before I start to review this month’s roster, as you all know I have moved from my apartment to a new one. Now I live in the downtown right next to a metro station. I am living with two of my batchmates and this couldn’t be any better. I am really lucky. One of them was as well in my blog. ( Click here to read ) I wrote a post about her even before meeting her cause she is an amazing girl. And here we go, you see how the life helps you with this experience. First we found out that we were both main fleet. Than we found out that we were in the same batch. Then we were so happy that our buildings was really close and we ended up living in the same apartment with a great location.And my other flatmate, she is a crazy Polish. She always makes me happy, she is just awesome!  Now whenever I come back from a flight, whenever I feel down, whenever I feel like I need someone, I have my FAMILY at home. Waiting for me. Or I am waiting for them right here to drink a cup of tea together. This is what I call HOME. That’s an awesome feeling. I feel blessed.

And my roster this month.. It’s not the best of course. In the beginning of the month I was so exhausted. I had seven turnarounds in a row and five of them was back to back. But when I was finished with turnarounds, it was a crazy feeling that I am free of them till next month 🙂 And I sometimes even like turnarounds ❤ So I got my first layover of this month yesterday; SEYCHELLES. That place is like a piece of paradise. No words needed to describe. We had fun, we relaxed. We loved that place. And the resort had a buffet, that we could never ever stop eating haha. We were having dinner for almost three hours. I never remember myself laughing so hard while I was having a dinner. That layover was the best so far plus it was with my lovely Polina.

Below, I’ll share some photos for you guys from my best layover ever. And I may have a surprise for you coming soon 🙂

Keep following, Love you all ❤

11013249_10200719726630943_793734472705245888_n 11150913_10200719725510915_3448352014190904562_n 11181297_10200719727350961_1703912502568555754_n 11222631_10200719725150906_5339786977463930744_n 11846569_10200719726870949_7859868493739429271_n 11855859_10200719725990927_4696673514702751143_n 11863247_10200719725790922_7014287682805022234_n 11880666_10200719726470939_809172110722786256_n 11887832_10200719725630918_846052132329011732_n 11891260_10200719726110930_6705359804149595336_n 11896199_10200719725350911_8095651645107003046_n 11902513_10200719726310935_1047849343097981094_n


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