Vienna, Stockholm and Moving Process

Hello everyone!

I miss writing on my blog. So finally here I am. Happy moments 🙂

This month,  I totally feel blessed. I got such a nice roster! I don’t even feel like I am working. It feels like I’m on a vacation but I just need to get some stuff done before I enjoy my day =) I got around 6 turnarounds in the beginning of the month. But I love turnarounds as well that you always end up in your own bed so of course it’s such a nice thing for me! Before I have started to work in Emirates I was more a “galley” person that I was enjoying more to be in the galley, organizing the stuff for my colleagues. But here, I found out that I am always in the cabin, interacting with the passengers. Because here, I am “allowed” to do so. It feels so good! I feel blessed. I get to know many people from all around the world, not only the crew, random people, passengers, cleaners, station staff, hotel staff etc. I always learn new interesting stuff, such a journey! Such a dream!

So my first layover with that beautiful red hat was VIENNA! I fell in love with both of the cities that I got a chance to stay this month. So first, I was in Vienna for a night and the very next day I had another flight with the same schedule to Vienna =) 2 Vıenna layovers in one week, it’s a hard one to get. To be honest, I haven’t met any austrian before so it was my first time interacting with the people of this country and it felt good.

Vienna is a city of culture and arts. Literally. You can see Mozart basically everywhere in Vienna. In the city centre, there are always “Mozart”s inviting you to opera. I got a conversation with one of the fake Mozarts and he was really nice. He asked about Emirates and he was so happy to talk with someone from that airline. He has never flown with us but he said if he has a chance one day, he will definitely do it 🙂 It was nice to talk to him and then I headed to my first stop; St. Stephen’s Cathedral. It’s such a beautiful place that you feel so relaxed deep inside. It makes you pray automatically. Really. It gives you goose bumps. Here are some photos of it;

11212767_10200612089540083_5014714699867372582_n 11228520_10200598610723121_7119902719989502926_n

Then we just walked around the city because the hotel we were staying was in the centre and it was really close to everywhere. The second stop was Belvedere Palace. It was the hometown of pure nature. As in Dubai, you don’t see the green too often, whenever you see the trees and flowers it feels like heaven. I got the same feeling when I first saw the desert in Dubai. So it’s just about getting used to it 🙂 When you have something for a long time, you don’t see how important is that thing to you. So I wont talk about it much, I’ll let you to see the pictures and decide by yourself. We have visited most of the “must go” places and we ended up having a really nice dinner with some of the girls from crew 🙂 I am so lucky I always have such nice girls that I can spend hours without getting bored 🙂

Here is my Vienna adventure! Enjoy the photos…

11541954_10200598612603168_4949670470494939320_n 11666252_10200598611843149_3795630894965158255_n 11666069_10200598610843124_3498390055637474615_n 11200774_10200598611603143_7741238309942899995_n 11011073_10200598611283135_4247530641553007166_n 11667409_10200598611403138_1698554934333180181_n 11692480_10200598609923101_3512246924635538628_n 11692485_10200598612203158_2161850417219454394_n 11695520_10200598612403163_1054275792418775768_n 11695708_10200598610203108_6137127490239795510_n

Then after this trip, I got 2 lovely days off 🙂 After the rest period it was time to go to Stockholm! Where we were really lucky that it didn’t rain not a single moment that day so we could walk around all the city 🙂 Really, I am not kidding we have walked for 4 hours! We have seen all the nice parts of the city.

Our lovely purser lead us through the beauties and we have even visited a local cemetery. The hotel was in the centre again. A nice, comfortable huge bus came to pick us up from the airport and through all the way, it was fully green so I just watched out of the window listening to my music, feelling relaxed and refuelling myself 🙂

For the dinner we went to a Viking place. It’s definitely a “MUST GO” place. If you have any chance to go to Stockholm, make sure that you visit that restaurant which is called Aifur and it’s right in the centre. Ask anyone, I’m pretty sure everyone knows about this place so you can find it easily. 🙂 They have a surprise for you 😉 And of course, here are the photos of my Stockholm layover…

11755682_10200625292630152_6226147801000024840_n 11755200_10200625285069963_4986149639138008916_n 11745655_10200625290790106_7959983502940480724_n 11742852_10200625290430097_1815421558620089642_n 11709510_10200625290590101_1576833210864672689_n 11742796_10200625289630077_8132182900530674049_n 11751468_10200625291990136_8448399447229905055_n 11742636_10200625286550000_2164114954817181364_n 11705235_10200625291710129_1602632346371414005_n 11702753_10200625286750005_3636474352074831143_n 11745801_10200625288350045_6824815479665555345_n 11752022_10200625287590026_8600948515088063419_n 11751932_10200625285629977_1931774501007692005_n 11755794_10200625286269993_8094813176473749065_n 11666280_10200625288190041_5237327974544803701_n11221466_10200625287390021_3992952579185140643_n 11204416_10200625288710054_6010427246547082305_n 11204416_10200625291350120_758468484366152325_n 11206946_10200625292310144_2278276574854946672_n 11227593_10200625287190016_1091228448980645221_n

And yes, last but not least, I am moooviiinngg! Yes. I dont have any problems being in Al Nahda, but still, I am so lucky that I got a chance to move with my batchmates. So I definitely asked to the company about it and today in the morning I got the stamp. 🙂 So it’s approved. I’m officially moving on 26th but I guess I’ll be bringing my stuff earlier than that. I’ll be moving to downtown. Right next to the metro station. So it’s one of the Emirates best located accommodations. I’m blessed. I don’t know how many times I said that but thats the way I feel. Once I move, I’ll update you guys again. This Friday I’ll be going to Casablanca with one of my batchmates. Let’s hope it’s gonna be a safe and fun one 🙂

Hope you guys enjoyed my post. If you have any questions about those 2 cities or any suggestions for Casablanca, Hamburg or Singapore, please let me know in the comments cause these are my next destinations 🙂

Take care guys! ❤


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