My lovely off days and my first roster!

Hey there! Today is the roster day for Grade 2s (Economy Class Cabin Crew) and I got my first roster! I am really happy because they told us some horror stories about being main fleet, they scared us with lots of blablas and now I’M EXPERIENCING it my way and I’M LOVING IT! Okay, it’s not easy. They were right in SOME points. It is hard, it is tiring. But tell me, what is easy in this life? Tell me one thing that you get paid without moving your comfy junk in the trunk? Nothing! Nothing is easy. It will never be easy. And I’m sorry, if it’s easy then it’s not for me 🙂

So stop worrying yourself listening to other people’s weird experiences. Come here and have your own!

I got 6 layovers for the next month. They may change it though. Do I care? Not at all! Are turnarounds fun? Yeeah like hell! Are people nice? Not all of them but mostly yes! Do you have fun during flights? Come on guys how much fun do you expect if in the end this is your job and you get paid for it? Of course you have fun but don’t come here just to have fun. Because you will struggle. It is not only fun! If you FIRST do your job, if you follow the procedures and do everything as it’s supposed to be then you’ll have enough time to have fun. But not every single time! Do not focus on fun while planning your carreer.

Here are my layovers; I got two layovers to lovely Vienna. Through the end of the month, I’ll be staying in Hamburg, Casablanca, Singapore and Arlanda. Here my journey begins! This is what I have waited for, for a reaallly long time. But if they tell me today that I have to wait 6 more months, I would still wait. Be patient, it’s worth.

But again, this job is hard. It’s not for everyone. And you can see it onboard. Some people are really like they are not working, instead, they are playing a lifelong game. Don’t be one of them. Draw your own destiny in this path and be faithful. Stick to your dreams and goals. Don’t let them go. Work for them, fight for them. Organise yourself. That’s what matters. Because the time here, oh my gosh it’s flying! You don’t even remember what you were doing two days ago. It always feels like years away.

Well, what did I do two days ago? Haha, nowadays crew scheduling is being nice to me and gives me a lot of days off. So I was off for the last two days and I’ll be off tomorrow as well. I’m enjoying my time in Dubai. I can’t complain. Everything is so nice here. Even the weather! I can’t believe cause last year even in May it was hot like we couldn’t even walk in the street. And now, I can even chill on the pool. I can take a sunbath! Really. I’m getting lucky. *.* Emirates welcomes me in a really nice manner and I simply love it.

I hear people saying me here, “I’ll see you in 6 months, you’ll be tired, you’ll forget about training college. You’ll think about resigning” and stuff, stuff… I heard them in Turkish Airlines as well. But guess what? Even after 6 months, I was still following the procedures. No company is perfect as nothing is perfect in this life. You have to know how to make yourself happy with the little that you have. I came here because I think Emirates is one of the world’s best airlines. I’ll work hard to make it even better. I know that you are thinking now like how can you do it by yourself? But the change, starts with yourself. If you want to change the world, then you have to change yourself first. I’ll be my best while working and I’ll encourage everyone else to perform their best as well. I know that I’m still a junior cabin crew and I’ll have my seniors on board but it’s nothing about seniority. It’s about being productive, committed, tireless!

If you believe in yourself and have dedication and pride – and never quit, you’ll be a winner. The price of victory is high but so are the rewards.

That’s it. That’s how you can do it. If you keep listening to others, they’ll just stop you and nothing else. Live your own experience. If you are still unhappy, of course, let it go! But create your own world, own feelings. Don’t depend on anyone else. If you know what I mean.

I have people that I love here. I am so lucky that I have one turkish girl who is always there for me when I need, from the very beginning of this journey and I love her! I have my batchmates, I mean I have my own choosen family. I have a lot of people that I can’t even count. So it’s another world for me here.

Of course I’ll still cry some nights. Of course I’ll miss crazily, everything that I left behind there in Turkey. Of course I’ll be so tired and I won’t even want to wake up for the next day’s flight. But so what? Shall I give up and go back to my country? Can you guarantee me that it’s gonna be even better there? Can you guarantee me any other job that will pay any other things than money to me? Can you guarantee me that I won’t cry again in my life if I go back? See? That’s the point.

Be your own motivation. Take your own time. Read a lot. Search a lot. THINK a lot. Listen to happy musics. Not to the ones that makes you feel melancholy. Help yourself. I remember one song that I used to sing a lot during my first years in college. There was one line that says ; “Arm yourself because no one else here will save you.” That’s about it.

Take care guys.

Hope to see you here! ❤

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12 thoughts on “My lovely off days and my first roster!

  1. Hey there, Ms. Joyful,
    You’ll never know how happy I am when I stumbled on your blogs (actually, not really tumbling, as I was doing research about EK crew, haha). This research is to give a glimpse about life style of flying and working for Emirates, as I am going to join the (luxury, fast-growing, like-a-dream?) company in November 2015 (yay!).
    So far I’ve read various thinking and attitude of many people, some positive, some … not so much, they even dedicate their social page to talk bad things about passengers, and when I ask some of my acquaintance – crew from other airlines, most of what I got are complains. I’ve work in customer service before and I know it’s not sunshine and rainbow, but your attitude decide how you feel about work, but so much negative somehow makes me wary. And I don’t want that, I’m a happy, friendly and joyful person, I definitely don’t want to turn bitter. Therefore I decided that I need to find a positive vibe that would keep me going, if and when I feel down in the future.
    And your blog is ”IT”, I love your both positive yet practical reasoning in work and in life. I even bookmarked to return to your blog easily.
    Please pardon me for my English and clumsy words (never was good at literature at school, lol).
    Please keep up the good work and I’ll see you in the sky, or in Dubai someday!


    • Thank you sooo much for these kind words! And please please keep this attitude. Dont listen to those who complain! Once you are here you will realize that its an amazing job and amazing life that youll have. Hope to see you soon:) and good luck with your training ♡


  2. Hello,
    I have a dream of becoming part of emirates cabin crew. My height is 155 cm but if I clear the arm reach test of 212 cm will I be selected?? Moreover what should be the marital status of a fresher in this field be?? Should she be single or unmarried??

    Will be greatly of u answer my queries. Am really worried about my height. But I tried stretching out once at home and luckily I reached 212 cm by stretching my arms.
    Waiting for your response..


    • Hey Raisa. I am sorry to say that they changed the height requirement to 160cms recently. As far as I know they measure you during the Assessment Day. Other than that marital status does not mean anything at all. It’s not a criteria. Good luck 🙂


      • Thank u so very much for replying me back. Well am a bit disappointed as I thought I may get selected if I pass the arm reach test as I have a relative working in emirates only who is not 160 cm in height but passed the arm reach test for which she got selected .lucky she is. Should I try in quatar or etihaad???


  3. Hello, how r u. I wanted to ask whedther emirates gives maternity leave or not?? If yes then for how may days?? N are u payed your basic salary when u r on maternity leave??
    Kindly update me on this if possible. I really like your blogs.. thank u


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