Hello Dubai!

I can’t believe that I already spent 9 days here. Time is flying, really! It always takes me long time to write another post because I’m in real rush and I cannot find time for even a nice relaxing bath! It’s my life goal for the next few days =) I am now going to tell you all the story from the leaving procedures. Enjoy!

The joining day was tough! I can’t describe how much I forced myself to not to cry when I was leaving my lovely tiny home and family! I will never ever forget that day! Be prepared! Even though you are going to be so excited and happy, your one side will whisper you to check your decision once again. I did check twice on that day. I still feel full of emotions when I remember the moments. When we went to the airport there were my friends to say goodbye to me. And it was the time for my boyfriend to leave because he had a game to play away. That moment of leaving my boyfriend behind? Oh my God! Don’t even ask me how was it. I can’t describe! I cried like a baby! Real tears! It was like a love movie’s sad end. Tears and more tears. I turned back to look at him for six times! He was leaving the airport and I just couldn’t make it back to my seat. I couldn’t help myself.

Joining flight itself was pretty fun. In the beginning, as it was a short and busy flight we couldnt get in conversation with the crew but when the service was done they invited me to the galley and I had a lot of fun! I put the famous Emirates hat for the first time there and the feeling was amazing. They even took a photo of me with that hat 🙂


After the flight, the Marhaba team helped me a lot and I was finally at my new sweet home! I really like the accommodation. It’s quite far away from the center but I’m not that type of person who always tries to be out to the famous places. And I pretty know that when I start to fly, I won’t have enough time to spend on downtown. I’ll try to stay at home, getting some rest. If not, I can change my accommodation whenever I want, except the training period. So no matters at all.

First few days I was sick and feeling soooo homesick! I think the first 3 days are the hardest ones. To get adapted to the country, costs a lot! Buuuut, after these first days oh my gosh! It is extremely perfect! My days are crazily busy but I still go and explore the city once again after our honeymoon. I love it here! I love the company! I really love everything that I have!

I feel so lucky. I know that the training will be intense. But I know thhat flying is going to be more intense then any other thing. I am preparing myself for this great challenge! That’s a challenge yes but it is the best one!

If you want to know any more details about my first days please comment down below! I’ll try to make a video to answer all of your questions but I cannot promise as Tuesday my SEP training starts 🙂

Thanks for being there for me ❤


One thought on “Hello Dubai!

  1. I’m really jealous little bite but i’m happy for you i still have two years to finish my studies (i’m 18 now) after that i’m coming for sure because it’s my dream too.
    Good luck in your training 🙂 (y) .
    My questions are : do you go to explore the city alone or you have a guide ?
    What did you do on your first day ?
    Are they Nice ppl there ?did you make any friend?
    What kind of a training do you get ? Do you have to know all the things of FIRST AID ?
    Do you speak english all The time there?
    For your assessment day did you speak english or turkish ?
    I will be glad if you answer my questions in your free time.
    Thank you and Good luck 🙂 .


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