The very first challenge on my way to Dubai

While I’m waiting for my final approval, I am trying to spend more time outside and not to think about it that much. For this purpose, today I met one of the friends who were here just for couple of days to visit her boyfriend. Normally she is from my boyfriend’s hometown; Bursa.

Her boyfriend was mine’s team mate last year. That’s how I met her but she’s nice actually. And when we went to the cafe, there was another girl whose husband was also playing in the same team with Yankı. So we had a really nice conversation at the beginning until it came out to my new carrier in Emirates!  They were asking me some dumb questions. Today, I think I got through one of the hardest moments of my life. It was so hard to stay calm and quite, indeed.

The main question that almost drove me crazy was about how would I leave my boyfriend alone here and move to Dubai? They said in the end he was “man” and men were supposed to cheat on women. Oh really? How come that I never thought about this? I decided to open neither my heart nor my mind to them anymore. So I got a quick plan, I said that I had to work because I needed money and that was all.

But no, that wasn’t all. This was my dream for the last 2-3 years. After becoming a flight attendant in Turkish Airlines, changing my company to Emirates, became my goal! And I worked hard for it. But they’ll never know about it because I’ll never ever discuss that kind of stuff with them.

Here my first advice on this move comes for you ; NEVER let the people destroy your dreams by their words. I wasn’t angry today, I was just sad that they didn’t understand me. But I was sad because how and why I expected them to understand me with my life goal?

It’s the vision that counts. So it’s important to see further than anyone else in your crowd. That’s how you can break the chain! If in the end, you are the one who broke it, than you have to pay what it takes! You have to be brave enough. I am!

There may be many people telling you not to go. Because some people are just not brave enough for this great challenge. But never forget, we are! Emirates has chosen us to join them because they saw the potential in us. I know that I’m not going there as a vacation or nothing similar to that. I’ll have to work hard, sleep less, miss so much! But challenge accepted! I can do this, I know. And we all can. So never mind, just keep believing in yourself and keep going! Move! Move ahead. It’s important. Once you start to this journey, you’ll have to face lots of problems. And you may be really disappointed when you see that your friends, who you were actually expecting them to be excited and supportive for you, are not as supportive as you thought. Don’t let this hurt you. Think about this ; they are actually nice people. But just you don’t share the same mind. Your ways are different. Your goals are different. One may be very family-oriented and other (like us) can be a wanderlust at all.

Share moments with everyone in your life but don’t share every moment with everyone! And don’t expect them to understand you at all. I am so glad that I can handle with this kind of situations without losing my calm. I was just sad today for only few minutes but when I shared this with my new mates from Emirates, they were there to support me in a great way! And there I saw once more that in this life, there are many different points of view.

I wanted to share it with you because I know many of us will face the same problem on this path. I want to show the people that I KNOW what I am doing. I’ll make sure that I work really hard, I’ll study really hard. I’ll go there expecting less fun, more work!

I know that in this company, there are thousands of beautiful people. I can’t wait to meet them and break my limits. And about leaving my boyfriend alone here; even talking about this weird question is unnecessary so I won’t. I want you to know that I never judge people by their life-philosophy but I know that mine is just different. I always believe that ;


Good luck everyone! 🙂


2 thoughts on “The very first challenge on my way to Dubai

  1. I LOVE your enthusiasm. I’m also married and will be joining Emirates in September. People question me for leaving my husband behind. But what matters most is that he supports me and he’s very understanding. Your blog is inspirational ! Looking forward for more posts ! X


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