So proud of being a part of Emirates

Why I’m saying this is just the people I get to know by Emirates recruitment process. I’m feeling like I just fell to a heaven where all the people are so beautiful and also have beautiful hearts. Just few minutes ago, I saw a post on Facebook and I’m still crying. I can’t help myself really. Nowadays, I was just about to lose all my hopes in the name of humanity and that girl, gave me a big light again!

She has been in Tanzania few years ago as a volunteer teacher for 6 months. This is normally enough to feel lucky to have same date of joining with her. But what made me cry is ; she has her birthday in one week and she asked all her friends and family, not to buy her anything and just donate some cash for a girl whose family is too poor to be able to help their daughter with her studies.

I don’t know if I am getting over emotional these days that I’m counting down to move my life ahead! But the only thing I know is THIS is the exact world where I want to live. I just ignore all other news, wars, political fights! I’m so glad that there will be no nations, no races -no racism, no borders, no discrimination at all in the SKY! The airplane on cruise, is such a wonderful place to live and work! Everybody belongs to same country there, up in the sky! There are mostly happy people and their smiles to see!

Please world, calm down! Look at us, we are all so happy living all together in the world! Even we have borders, we are still bounded by heart with all other nations!

senecaI love being a world citizen! I’ve made a research and here are some advices for us to help the world to make it a better place to live. You can share your advices with me also. I’d be glad!

And if anybody wants to make a volunteer service to another country, here is a link to my exchange program that they coordinate some short term exchange services.


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