The Final Interview

I thankfully made my appointment for 2 days later than our AD so I had enough time to get my documents done! There were not lots of things to do actually for this stage but still it took long time to do. First of all, I can’t describe the happiness and the good mood of mine in those days. That’s a lifetime experience guys! It makes you feel like you are the one in a million. So go and fight for your dreamjob, don’t give up!

Okay, let’s begin with the first day of my preperation. Of course it was the AD day. I left the hotel after our recruiter gave us all necessary documents for the final interview and I headed my way back home. Everything was going allright, this ride was the best one ever but (!) there was something wrong with the car. I thought about this all way long and it made me a surprise when I was just about to arrive. I have experienced a tire exploding for the first time in my life. It was so cold outside and I didn’t know what to do. Thanks God I was very close to home and I called my husband to help me. During all this time, I was still SO happy! Smiling like a crazy girl.

After that little mishap, I got home and had a dinner with my family.  The dinner was totally fun.

The first step of my preparation was to take the quick personality test which Emirates made us obligated to do. It helps to Emirates HR team to check if you have strong personality and if you are consistent of course. That was fun for me. And then there were some forms to fill up. The day after I went to a professional photographer to get my photos done. This is one of the most important things because this is the only chance to show yourself up to the Dubai team. So make sure you are wearing a BIIIIIIIG SMILE! Here I attached my passport size photo as a sample.


And you’ll need a full length casual and formal photos. These photos are quite important I think, so try to make your best. I took 4-5 photos with me and asked my recruiter’s help to choose the best. They really want to help you so don’t hesitate to ask anything. When the day came, I was really anxious. I couldn’t be sure if my appointment was at 13 or 14pm. That was a weird feeling. I am always organised and I wrote the date down with the hour of the inteview but still I was so nervous. This opportunity was the one that I’d never want to lose! So I said “move on girl!” and I went there one hour earlier than the exact time. But it helped me a lot! I’ve waited 25 minutes out of the room and then my recruiter came out and when she saw me she was pretty happy. She let me in after few minutes. Wow, it was the toughest interview I’ve ever seen and the funniest at the same time. It was a good example of structured interview. This interview showed me once again how professional they are. Because in my country it’s almost impossible to see a company who use structured interviews during their recruitment process. My recruiter asked me to give some examples of my working experience which shows that I am patient, team-worker, easy to adapt etc. This skills depends on how you described yourself in the test.

That’s all you do during this interview. No tips, no tricks! Just be yourself and maybe it can help to take some vitamin B to remember your experiences 🙂

After all, my recruiter asked me if I had questions and I of course asked about how long would it take to get an answer. She told me to wait 4-6 weeks and my waiting game started with these words.

I’d never know that this game would be that difficult 🙂


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