Successful On Hold E-mail

First of all I want to give a quick short information about Emirates submission statuses. Because these statuses become the hardest part of this exciting waiting game. Once you apply you’ll see that your first status update will be “Application Under Review” (from Applied) which we shortly call it AUR. So if you see anywhere the AUR thing you can understand that it simply means that somebody’s application is under review 🙂

But updates never stop. When you get through your Final Interview (FI) -as I’ve told before, the waiting game starts there- each single day you check your submission page. Because these status updates have some important meanings. Even though they don’t always mean what exactly they dedicated to, most of the times they work. So you can read your timeline basically.

So the first update after your FI is “AUR”. That means your files have reached to Dubai and now they are working on your submission. This is the usual one. Almost everybody gets this status. After that, you have to wait for “Interview Completed” (IC) which was “Approval In Progress” before. The whole system has changed they say but I’ve never been in Emirates Final Interview before so I have no idea about the prior system. Once you get that IC, it means like 80-90% you’ll get your golden call or successful mail depending on training slots. And mostly, if your AUR status lasts too long as months, then there would come unsuccessful mail. ( But that is not the end of the life, “Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”  So I am pretty sure that you guys won’t give up trying!:))

If all those updates are clear, now I can talk about my weird situation.  Those days of waiting were almost the hardest ones in my life. I had my FI on 2nd Dec. And after the AD, we created a Whatsapp group so we could still keep in touch about our updates and finals. The very same day which we all got through our finals, we all started to wait patiently. We’ve made a promise if somebody had any news, he’d share it as soon as possible. So on 8th of Dec one of the friends wrote us “Check your statuses guys”. This message got us all excited. When I checked, I said “Here we go!” It had changed to AUR that day. It was really the exact meaning of “here we go”. ALEA IACTA EST! Yes. Totally agree with Alea iacta est. (This is a latin phrase which -I googled and found the English translate- means “The die is cast”)

2 days after this move, there was a new message again. So, 4 girls of our group got the new status update ; “Interview Completed” and mine was still AUR with other 5 guys of our bunch. I didn’t know what to think or what to do but I simply decided not to expect too much and just started to plan my future months to get prepared for the next OD/AD in my town. And I swear I was still so happy with my friends’ updates because once you get to the last stage you totally see that all of the people who made it this far, deserve it! That day, the waiting game actually has finished for me. I was no more checking my submission page but I still had the hope that maybe I can get an update too. Never losing hopes! Because I know that ”Hope lies in dreams, in imagination, and in the courage of those who dare to make dreams into reality.” (Jonas Salk)

First half of my boyfriend’s season was over and they got a Christmas Break. So we decided to take a quick vacation to his hometown which is called Bursa and it’s an amazing city! We were there with few others of his team-mates and the days were going so fun. After this post, I can share some beautiful photos of this fantastic city! When our last day had came, we were a bit sad to leave but still so excited because we were going to have a breakfast in our favourite place (Saitabat). While we were getting ready to go out, I heard an e-mail allert. Tic-Toc! And when I opened it, I cried like a baby and laughed so loud at the same time. This feeling is something that I can’t explain even in my native language. There was this e-mail in my inbox ;


The moment of my life! My boyfriend came to ask me what happened. I just showed him the e-mail and he hugged me tight. It was so emotional. I shared this news to my friends on group and 4 other girls with IC got that mail too after few seconds.  So apart from being sorry for other guys who couldn’t make it, it was a total pleasure to be able to come this far! And of course I was so proud of myself!

Since then, I am still waiting as the training courses are fully booked till April. (They send another e-mail with new information to some on-hold applicants who got their OH earlier than us. So that’s why I wrote April instead of Mid-Feb)

During this first part of waiting period, I passed 12 final exams successfully. So from now, I have just one semester left! So close to graduate! I am taking my time to rest, improve myself, having some fun with my lovely family and friends. 

All I can say about this Recruiting process, never lose your hope! You can never know what is next and what is the best for you! ❤


5 thoughts on “Successful On Hold E-mail

  1. Hi ms. Uslu, I’m really glad you created this blog I enjoyed reading your stories.. I also want to apply to EK in the near future.. But the problem is I’m a little bit worried about my height ’cause I’m only 161cm. Will I be able to reach their required minimum arm reach.?
    Hope to hear from you soon.. Thank you so much ms. Uslu for your response.


    • Hello! What I can advice you to do is just try to stretch a lot before the assessment day. Maybe Yoga or Pilates can help you with it. I see many people in your height can do this. So it just requires a bit of practice and thats it. It doesnt matter how yoou reach it. So practice standing on your toes as well. It will take only few seconds to reach 212 but it will give you the peace for a lifetime 🙂 ıf you know what I mean. I wish you the best luckk! ❤


  2. Hi! Thank you for all your detailed information. It makes me feel a little better while I wait.

    I have been waiting for 8 weeks now with AUR after the Final Interview and I wonder if there is any way I can still get the job? Feedback is coming so slowly. The last update came from two people who got UMs and two who got their GCs 2 weeks ago and now 4 of us are waiting…


    • Well, first of all congratulations 🙂 I dont want to give you hopes and then make you disappointed so dont take my words as a promise BUT usually all UMs come together. And then they give the calls due to slots available in the training college. So, yes at least you know you still have a chance 🙂 A high chance 😉 Good luck!


      • Thank you! Really appreciate it! I shall hope for the best and I will let you know how it turns out. 🙂 I wish I could get at least an On Hold email to make me feel better. It is nice to read your experience and see that I feel the same things you did during this process.


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