Nice to meet you Emirates!

My journey with Emirates started on 3 Nov 2014 when I applied online through their website. I had no idea about what kind of process I was getting into, I knew nothing much about their recruitment process. But it was one of the courageous moments of my life!

After that day, there came my first waiting game! (This is one word of their terminology, we keep learning.) It was an “invitation only” day so I knew nothing but it was so clear that I needed an “invitation” first to be able to join the progress. To be honest, I didn’t expect to get one because they had their Assessment Day in Istanbul on 29 Nov. I thought I hadn’t applied early enough so I had to wait for another event in my city. But I was wrong! (Thank God!) I got my invitation on 19 Nov. I was with my (lovely) husband and I gave him a biiig hug when I first read the e-mail. That was an amazing moment, I was fully emotional.

As I am a very perfectionist person, after this e-mail I immediately started my preparations to get my stuff ready for the big day! There were lots of things to do! I had no suitable clothes so I had to make some big research. Because Emirates asked us to dress in business attire! When I got everything ready, it was the night before the Open Day. Yeap, you’re right, that night was so hard! I tried to sleep well but of course I couldn’t.

So when the big day arrived, I woke up very early. Tried to have breakfast (but as you can imagine I couldn’t), got ready and I was on my way to the hotel with my husband. He is a total support to me! I even studied about prepositions that morning in case they asked it in the English exam. Our short trip to the hotel was fun.

When I got to the waiting room, I saw many people there and I was kind of shocked because I thought there weren’t supposed to be that many people as it is an invitation only day. But no matters, the recruitment team told us there were lots of people who applied online and we were the ones who got shortlisted.

I took a place between two girls asking them if the seat was free. They were so nice actually. One of them was Russian (Poli) and I liked her so much! We started to talk about our lives howcome and I felt I was getting a bit relaxed. That was fine because stress is the worst enemy of mine on those kind of important days.

Okey, somebody opened the door! We were asked to go inside and take a seat. We were supposed to be informed about the process and watch a short movie about Dubai and the life of a cabin crew there. There were many more people than chairs so almost half of us got to stand until the end of this day. The recruiters were so nice. ( I think I’m lucky!) One of them told us that it was not an Assessment Day as we thought. It was just a CV Drop session. We were shortlisted yes but we still weren’t there. As we were so many people to attend an assessment day, they needed to make another shortcut. There were people who were complaining loudly which is not a good thing at all.

The process got started with the videos and they asked us if we had got any questions. I didn’t have any because I had made my research on internet before I went there. So I was pretty into the subject. But of course there were lots of friends who were curious about the crew life and they asked really creative questions which I enjoyed too much listening to the answers. The sentences were getting me more excited!

Lastly we had to give our CV’s to the recruiters one by one and the ones who were standing had the priority of course. There were some people who didn’t respect this rule and they were eliminated at the same time. After a long wait, it was my turn. I gave my CV to my lovely recruiter and she asked me why I had left my previous job, I told her the reason. I tried to be clear when answering. It was a quick process for the day and that was the end of the day. She told me that they were going to give us a call if successful.

I left the room and so did Poli. We checked each other’s answers just to be sure if we would get the call, that was pretty funny. And then we headed our ways to home hoping to be back tomorrow.

When I got home, I was still excited. Because there was another little waiting game started. But thank God it wasn’t long. I got my call at 15:30. She told me a reference number which I was supposed to remember during the whole process. It was 22. Lucky number! And then came a “See you tomorrow.”

Okey, great news! See you tomorrow at the Assessment Day! ❤


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