My Sweet Golden Call

I still can’t believe! This Emirates Recruitment process keep surprising me in each step. First I got successful OH mail without an IC status and now I got my golden call without my “Joining Formalities in Progress”. That’s amazing.

I always have been dreaming about getting the call while sleeping as a surprise. But I knew that you’d get JFIP status first and unfortunately mine was still Interview Completed. But somehow the night before the golden call, I felt something and kept my phone with me during night. So the 16th of February, I heard my phone ringing there. I was so sleepy and wondering who were waking me up 🙂 When I saw the screen,  I realized that my dreams were getting more than real now. There was a number with a country code +971…. Oh my God! I almost screamed, “My Golden Caaaaallllll!”.She asked me some questions and I answered patiently. After all she asked me if I was available to join 24th of April to the company and I accepted the deal 🙂

When the conversation was over, I didn’t know what to feel, what to say, how to act. I just cried, gave a big hug to my family.

I feel like this is the funniest success in my life! I enjoy each single step. Now I have access to the selected candidate portal. This feeling is amazing. I have this countdown tool ;

I have 63 days left. Waiting for my final approval. We don’t have to take medical tests anymore. Normally, these tests were obligated to be taken prior to joining. Things are getting easier but still a long way to go. Hope there won’t be any issue and I’ll be able to join in the exact date I’ve been given.

Let the countdown begin! Yaay, can’t wait to meet all the folks from all over the world ❤


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