Assessment Day, here we go!

I tried to sleep well after my very first day with Emirates Recruiting game and I did! This time I was alone. My boyfriend is a professional volleyball player and he had a game that day so both of us were fighting on our own courts to achieve our dreams! Great challenge!

It was a rainy day and I had to drive. It was difficult to focus on driving while thinking that much about the day ahead. So I suggest you not to think about it and focus on the road. I was in the hotel around 08:30 am which means I had half an hour to get relaxed and see who made it to the second day of the process. We were 58 people. So proud.

Once we got into that “magic room” we were asked to sit in a circle of 29 people. The other half had a coffee “break” for an hour. So in this circle, we were divided into smaller groups which were normally formed by 3 applicants but as 29 cannot divide into 3 accurately, I was the one who took a place in a group of 2 apps. Maybe I can call it as a sign of luck because my partner was really nice. It was easy for us to communicate so we really could create awesome ideas together. First we were given a card with a picture of a city on it and we had to discuss this city. We could use any means to get more information on the city and after 10 minutes we had to present best things to do in this city as a suggestion to our friends who would like to go there and searching what to do. We got Paris. Good way to start! Then we received a different card with a picture of an object. We were asked to find different usage of the objects. We got paper-bag and went pretty easy with us to be creative.

After this first part, we got the first elimination. I can’t explain how dodgy it is to wait your number to be read and also how topping it is to hear your number as I did my lucky one; 22. Well done! We deserved a coffee too so it was time for us to take our brake. It took around 2 hours to get to the second part as I was in the second group this time.

We were all waiting in front of the magic room sharing our previous work and life experiences. Everybody was soo nice! I really loved all of them. So once we were in for the second round, I was getting a bit excited. We made the reach test and were given a task to read after it. I am not going to tell it with details because I think it may not be ethical but I can say just be yourself in this step! It really counts to stay calm during the group discussion. But I still recommend you not to fake as this step will show also to yourself if you CAN do this job or not. So just relax and stay focused on the task. Make sureyou express yourself in a kind and clear way. Try not to speak in somebody’s cast. Remind yourself that you’ll be assessed on your competencies like listening, decision-making, teamwork etc.

I was so carefull with my words while talking about my opinion and cleared that I respect all other ideas. That’s all I did and I passed this stage too. I was feeling better every single time that I made it to the next step but so excited at the same time. So we were there for the last step which would take us to the final interview. It was the English exam. Native speakers waited us outside.

It was quite different from what I had been expecting. From what I’d heard we’d be asked to write an essay but NO we weren’t. To be honest, I was happy to hear this. We got the papers and I can’t remember any single word of the exam now. I didn’t even know how I did. I just waited for the results with no clue at all. But the news were good! Our recruiter came out and called two of the girls from our bunch. They were the ones who unfortunately couldn’t make it. I felt sorry for them but I’m sure the next time is going to be their turn to join EK! After that little period of time our recruiter told us that we passed the english exam too and that was all for today. So we were asked to fill up some forms there and were given some others to fill up at home. She told us what to bring to the Final Interview one by one, I admired how helpful her words have been. We made our appointments for FI.

At the end of the day she wished us luck for the last step of this assessment process and I whispered myself “Thank you Stef, I appreciate your kindness! See you :)”


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