Life After My First Contract

Three years have passed so fast and here I am. Fourth year with Emirates. Getting kind of tired of everything around me but being proud of working so hard and achieving what I planned. Since the day I started, I tried to see only the good things here. People made fun of me. A lot. … Continue reading Life After My First Contract


What’s wrong with the world?

There are some questions that I really made a habit of asking them to myself quite often. I talk to myself quite a lot. I'm sure a lot of you guys do the same. And it's such an amazing thing to have this strong relationship and communication with yourself. You are the most important person … Continue reading What’s wrong with the world?

Everything happens for a reason

    Okay, time to face the fact. I got bad news. The company has changed the procedure recently to get upgrade and even though they say it's based on performance, what they mean by performance is mostly attendance. Which I understand, because in aviation, that matters the most. However with all the awards I … Continue reading Everything happens for a reason

Be the picture you want to show people

I was just thinking yesterday while I was watching a video about Christmas, how easy it is to show something and say "Something just like this." instead of explaining the whole story with details and leave the judgement to people's imagination. Imagine a group of people wearing a red dress for a company dinner every … Continue reading Be the picture you want to show people

Life changing November and December Roster

Is it really fair to expect life to be fair when you are not being fair to yourself? On my way from Johannesburg, this was the question kept my mind busy. We keep saying "Life is not fair." when something happens and it bothers us. But we never try and be fair to ourselves. This … Continue reading Life changing November and December Roster

How did you feel when you woke up today?

Today is weekend for so many of you out there and it’s only another work day for us as flight attendants. At the moment, I’m in Newcastle, waiting for my return flight to Dubai. They say, it’s gonna be busy. So when I woke up I felt like having a little bit of Monday syndrome … Continue reading How did you feel when you woke up today?

Do I really live in Dubai?

The life in Dubai... A lot of you guys wonder how it feels like living in Dubai. But honestly, when we talk about living in Dubai as a flight attendant, doesn't really mean "living" in Dubai. Because being a flight attendant, you should have already given up on your dreams about having that material "four … Continue reading Do I really live in Dubai?

A positive attitude changes everything!

It works. I promise. We have a bidding system within Emirates that rostering team takes us in seven different groups where there are seven different levels of priority when it comes to get the most wanted flights. So basically every month you are getting one month closer to your "top bid" where you are more … Continue reading A positive attitude changes everything!